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The Joy of Fishing on the Potomac

King George, with its rich waters, offers anglers a chance to experience fishing in one of Virginia's most scenic settings. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-timer, the Potomac promises a fishing adventure that's both exciting and rewarding.

Our pier extends into the heart of the river, providing a perfect vantage point for both freshwater and saltwater species. Cast your line and wait for the likes of striped bass, catfish, perch, or even the elusive sturgeon. With the river's diverse marine life, every fishing trip turns into a delightful game of chance and skill.

Aboard the Etiquette: Fishing on the Potomac

Elevate your fishing experience aboard 'Etiquette', our luxurious 40-foot SeaRay Sundancer yacht. This November, indulge in a unique fishing expedition on the Potomac, where the chilly waters become a haven for a variety of fish. As the yacht glides over the river, you'll have the opportunity to catch seasonal specialties such as larger striped bass, making their way down the river, and perhaps even the occasional walleye or pickerel.

The 'Etiquette' is equipped with fishing gear and amenities to ensure a comfortable and fruitful fishing experience. Our skilled crew will guide you to the best fishing spots, where the bounty of the Potomac is most plentiful during the autumn months.

Pier Fishing and Crabbing at Little Ferry Inn: Reconnect with Nature's Bounty

There's a profound serenity that envelopes you when you stand on a pier, fishing rod in hand, with the expansive Potomac River laid out before you. The gentle lapping of the waves, the occasional call of a seabird, and the thrill of feeling a tug on your line—this is what awaits you at Little Ferry Inn's dedicated fishing and crabbing pier.

Crabbing: A Time-Honored Tradition

The Potomac isn't just about fish. Its brackish waters are home to the iconic blue crab, a delicacy that's synonymous with Virginia's coastal heritage. At Little Ferry Inn, we offer guests the unique opportunity to try their hand at crabbing.

Using traditional crab pots or hand lines, you can spend hours on our pier, watching as these curious creatures slowly make their way into your trap. And the best part? The thrill of the catch is matched only by the joy of cooking and feasting on your very own fresh catch.

All You Need, Right Here

For those who might not have their own equipment, fret not. We provide all the necessary gear, from fishing rods to bait and crab pots. Our on-site experts are also at hand to guide newcomers, offering tips and tricks to make your fishing or crabbing experience truly memorable.

More than Just a Pastime

Pier fishing and crabbing at Little Ferry Inn aren't just about the catch; they're about immersing oneself in the rhythms of nature. They're about the stories shared with fellow anglers, the laughter that echoes when a crab escapes, and the shared sense of wonder as the sun sets over the horizon.

Dive into the experience, whether you're looking for a quiet moment of introspection, a fun family activity, or a culinary adventure. Our pier and the 'Etiquette' yacht await. Feel the pulse of the Potomac, let its stories, its serenity, and its bounty become a part of your Little Ferry Inn experience.

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